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I explained why it was not my place to teach them and he called me "an arrogant white woman".

These are electronically published from time to time. Click on it and enjoy a sample story while you take a short rest from our tour around town.? readform =========================================================================== Senior to Senior: Multiple topics.

=========================================================================== Seniors-site: This site is a bit more commercial, but you may find it interesting. sid=a1fbca1ce3540e83d0d2e83933456f6f =========================================================================== The Senior Connection: For seniors and those that care for them =========================================================================== This site requires a membership, but it is free. =========================================================================== Senior Chats/Message Boards in Australia

It appears at first glance that it is a dating site, and indeed it does have a singles section, but I am sure you can find chat alone here. mid=479 =========================================================================== Yahoo Chat has numerous groups for all ages: Yahoo has a list of grandparent groups I feel certain you will find a chat or forum in this answer that will meet your needs.

show_groups=1 =========================================================================== MSN Chat also has numerous groups for all ages. If any part of my answer is unclear, please request an Answer Clarification, before rating.Strippers, escorts, pornstars, amateur models, college coeds, cheating housewives and sexy whores.. The best adult video chat site around with online webcam girls..


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