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UNet Boot In is easy to install and runs on Windows, mac OS, and Linux machines.Tell UNet Boot In which live CD you’d like to download, or point the software towards an ISO file you’ve already downloaded. Similar to UNet Boot In, but with a very clear user interface, Linux Live USB Creator has a series of simple steps to follow.


Today.” Your computer doesn’t respond to your mutterings, however. With this, you can boot your computer regardless of what software problems your computer might have.Most computers will display during start up which key to press to enter the boot menu.On mac OS, the process is simpler: hold the “C” button when you turn your computer on.We’ll mainly focus on Linux live CDs, and recommend specific live CDs for certain functions. It’s easy to use, works on most hardware, and is quite reliable. Simply right-click the ISO file and click Burn Image to Disk. If you’re using Windows 8 or later, ISO burning can be done within Windows Explorer.

However, most of the tips found here can be done from any environment. For older Windows versions, there are plenty of options to that work. How you accomplish this depends on the sort of computer you’re using.

Happily displaying its error message, your computer waits for you to turn it off or throw your keyboard across the room in frustration. Get your computer started up from a live CD and you’ll have access to a lot of software.



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