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Something went wrong and he became haunted with the memory of what he'd done.So, Mc Gucket invented the ray gun and wiped his own memories of the project.The Society took it upon themselves to help the citizens forget the otherworldly phenomena using the memory-erasing device.Thus, the townspeople live in a state of blissful ignorance, albeit with some minor side effects...The five watch Mc Gucket's memories and learn that he was a genius scientist.After collaborating for a year with a visiting researcher on building a machine which was supposed to help all mankind, he quit.Wendy tells her to put her worries out of her head and forget about guys which inspires Mabel to remove the memories using the ray gun so she won't feel sad anymore.

However, she is devastated to learn that he is to be wed in an arranged marriage to the Queen of the Manatees in order to prevent an undersea Civil War.

Before she can use a payphone to report the strange phenomenon she's just witnessed, a robed man appears from nowhere and drags her away screaming into the night, while the gnomes proceed to steal her pie.


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