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A dance rehearsal accident has temporarily confined Spears to her parents' ranch-style house in rural-burban Kentwood, Louisiana, when she should be out promoting her white-hot debut, ... Staying home has its compensations: As Spears holds forth, her mom, Lynne, a second-grade teacher, sits on the carpet in the wood-paneled living room, fluffing and folding the laundry.If it weren't for the diamond-laden tennis bracelet that Britney just bought her, you'd think her daughter was a vacationing college kid and not a pop sensation with an eleventh-grade education."I asked them to change the words to ' Born to Make You Happy.' It was a sexual song," reveals Spears, who cleaves to the Baptist faith, I said, ' This may be a little old for me.' Because of the image thing, I don't want to go over the top. Buddy Holly is dead, and Little Richard has found the Lord.If I come out being Miss Prima Donna, that wouldn't be smart. Into the vacuum rises a counterrevolutionary force of adenoidal adolescents like Bobby Vee, Frankie Avalon, Fabian and former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello. In a distant demographic echo of the postwar baby boom, the American teen population has reached the kind of critical mass that makes the culture industry sit up and listen.

Check out Britney Spears' sexiest Instagrams of 2017 in the gallery below: On days where I don’t get primped and made up for my show, this is the real unglammed me… 😂 I call this my morning coffee at home look ☕️ #No Makeup Monday if you don’t count the leftover mascara under my right eye... Keep reading to see photos of Britney's beach day, bikini body, and possible engagement ring.Britney Spears recently released the music video for "Slumber Party," her latest single and song at the top of your sex playlist (it should be on repeat, for as long as necessary). Is her right hand touching Sam's perfectly muscled thigh under the table?! Britney Spears was spotted on vacation in Hawaii with a new accessory — a sparkly diamond ring on her left hand! Does this mean the 35-year-old's boyfriend of over a year, Sam Asghari, popped the question??

Britney Spears was back in her teeny-weeny yellow bikini for another day on the beach in Hawaii. She's been dating dancer Sam Asghari since 2016, and the two rang in their one-year anniversary in November.Spears, who shares a manager with ' N Sync and a label with Backstreet Boys, screamed off the production line early this year and became the first solo artist of the Sound-Scan era to lodge a debut single and album atop the charts simultaneously, in the album's first week of release.


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