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Bacteria such as Fecal Coliform cannot coexist with chlorophyll, which helps keep fresh water clear.Algae not only contain nearly every required vitamin and mineral, but also have the effect of increasing oxygen while reducing nitrogen and carbon.Bentonite has laxative properties and contains high levels of iron, magnesium and silicon.Available in two forms (sodium and calcium) bentonite clay is used in cement, ceramics, acne medication, facial clay, cat litter and to clarify wine.Higher grades of clay are safe for ingestion while lower grades are for external use only and thus are of questionable benefit.Selenium is an essential trace mineral that functions as an antioxidant and promotes a healthy immune system.


Poor quality supplements may contain heavy metal contaminants and other toxins.All natural detoxing is a great way to clean out your digestive system and get your body back to optimal functioni .


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