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It has created a thriving branch of the entertainment industry and helped break down sexual and racial divides.

Yet such an outcome would have been hard to predict when the authorities broke up Castlemorton, arresting a motley crew of crustie travellers and pilled-up ravers.

The black kids still faced forms of discrimination way beyond the institutional.

Denied access to nightclubs, they were forced to take over disused buildings – instigating the first warehouse parties.

Yet rather than facing a spectacular demise, as happened to disco at the end of the Seventies, club culture has continued to thrive as a worldwide success story, allowing new sounds to stake a claim on the dance floor.


In their authoritative tome Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton chronicle a fragmented scene: soul boys, jazz funkateers, rare groove heads, electro poppers and the more open-minded environs of gay culture, chinks of light in a grim nightlife providing the building blocks for what was to come.

Even those Covent Garden parties were of dubious legality, but as Jazzie B explains: "London was a very different place in those days – there were different rules.


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