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Not all courtships will fit in to a specific model. We reach a point where the decision is made by the young people, or the parents, "Is it God's will for them to get married?

" If it is not, the courtship is called off, and the process starts over again.

You’ve reassured him that you like him with your attention and touch. You just made him want you above all other women in this moment of time.

You might be thinking it’s impossible for him not to know that you want him to kiss you, but he has fears as well as gentlemanly instincts. Put your face right in front of his, very close, with your most endearing smile. Put your hand behind his head and coax his head forward, ever so slightly. And, if I’m not mistaken, he’s kissing you right now.


The only sensory treat left for him to experience is the taste of your delicious lips. You’ve made him feel comfortable and made yourself accessible emotionally and physically.

was released yesterday, which had everyone shocked at a scene in which two girls are kissing.


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