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I've got a scan from one of the local papers in June 1916 of a number of WW1 casualties with connections to Gloucester.There is a photo for each serviceman: PR Kent, Private, Grenadier Guards W Morgan, AB, Royal Navy Frederick Mark Clutterbuck, 1st class Stoker, RN Frederick Henry Bradbrook, 1st class Stoker, RN.My father Frederick Bernard Ash had a sister Blanche who married Bert Cresswell b August 1895. Please can anyone help me with Batch No's, source and film. I can see other Green families with same or near Batch No.s. Henry William Price born in Gloucester 1861 born to John Price a carpenter of Hare Lane Gloucester and Eliza Beckley born in Burdford, Henry married Sarah Ann Perkins in Gloucester and then moved to Canton, Cardiff.He had several brothers and sisters as his father John Price married 3 times.She married Charles Alfred Davey on 2.6.1873 at Trinity Church, Kilburn, London and had the following children: George W., Edwin Charles, William, Robert Francis, Frederick John, Charles and Louisa Beatrice between 1872-1887 Kilburn.

Would love to flesh out the bones of the Peacocks of Gloucester in return for our side of the History. Family story has it that Theodor had come to live in England because the ship he was working on was stranded or held at Gloucester? Apparently there is a newspaper article that tells about the ship and how or why it is in Gloucester. Theodor Pedersen marries Elizabeth (nee Walker)approximately 1874. Haven't been able to locate her or her family in Ireland.

Would be interested to exchange information with anyone researching this Barnes/Davey family.



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    "There's nothing like being in a locker room with Pat, there's nothing like being in that foxhole," Lieberman said Monday from Sacramento, Calif. She always told me not to let anything derail me from pursuing my dream." When Philadelphia was the host city for the NCAA Women's Final Four in 2000, Ms.

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