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And different countries have different preferences when it comes to visual messages, for example: 'I much prefer to text, message or email instead of staying in touch on the phone' said a female survey respondent from Charleston, South Carolina.'I wouldn't be in touch with people nearly as much if I didn't have text, email or messaging options.' One of the findings was that there's been an increase in the amount of communication over the past two years over various channels.80 per cent of adults aged 19-64 and 91 per cent of teens aged 13-18 across the world message every day, and 66 per cent of people who message say they have more authentic conversations.The study also found that 71 per cent of people have 'sidebar' conversations - secret chats we have on our phones while in meetings, at dinners or watching TV.'The frequency of use of digital media completely changed my communication; surprisingly it greatly improved the quality of direct in person communication,' said a respondent from Brazil.'The situations became clearer and improved the understanding of my relationships, including those at work.'People who message more are 52 per cent more likely to also be talking face-to-face more, and face-to-face conversations are increasing all over the world, with Brazil, France, Germany and the US having seen the highest increases.



According to a study by Facebook, the human brain connects images images to emotional experiences 60,000 times faster than we interpret a line of text.More to like about a person." - First impressions count for a lot. But when you get gross messages from sexed crazed brainless people; it's an automatic reaction to say "Dumb sick pervert" which they are.You can't say there's more to like about a person, if they don't talk to you NORMALLY.Another key finding related to sidebar conversations - 62 per cent of those that sidebar message say that it makes them feel closer to friends, and 53 per cent who do say conversations are more intimate.

Commenting on a sidebar conversation she had, a survey responded from France said: 'We wanted to tell each other that we loved each other the first time I met his parents during a family dinner, so we messaged each other.' These sidebar conversations occur mostly as social events and family gatherings, and millennials (82 per cent) and teens (79 per cent) are most likely to sidebar.Visual messaging is also increasing in prevalence - most people (57 per cent) have responded to a message with a GIF, while 56 per cent have sent a message using only emoji.



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