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For the purposes of writing this article, I went to my old alias email box (I haven’t accessed it in years), searched the spam box and in no time, I found an (unsolicited) email from “Olga” in Russia. Here is my email from “Olga:” Now, many Men will sign up to an online agency or dating service and some months later will get a letter like this.

If you’ve emailed or sent messages to 50 or 100 Women, how can you remember if this is one of the Women that you previously tried to contact? What if you’ve initiated contact with a lovely Woman on a dating agency website, should you still check these rules? Heck, if you’re dating a woman in Kentucky, you should check her emails against this list.

If it doesn’t match the title of the sender, it’s probably a scammer (as you can see in the example below).

Step 3: Examine the IP adddress In the expanded headers view, look for the originating IP address.

If her email address is from the other side of her country, there is a good chance she’s a scammer.

If you can’t get the Woman’s email address, phone #, Skype contact, etc., RUN, don’t walk, its a scam agency. Even if you are talking to a Woman from a legitimate agency, there is a possibility that the Woman you are talking to is a scammer. I will detail how to do this later in this article. NEVER NEVER NEVER send money to a Woman you haven’t met or that you don’t trust (intimately). A scammer doesn’t want an airline ticket, they want your money. Occasionally, step back from your communications with her and look at them, as if you were a third party person and ask yourself, does this pass the stink test?

Open Google images and then drag and drop her photo(s) to the “Drop image here” area on the screen. In the case of our Olga, you can see that this photo has been used in various scams.

Step 5: Do a Google search for the Woman’s full name. If you can find that she has a legitimate profile, this is good evidence that she is real.

If you buy the ticket yourself, she’ll either come or she won’t. Have a trusted best friend or a brother look at a few emails or meet your Woman on a Skype call (“just to introduce my brother”) and ask them, “Do you believe that she is interested in me or do you think she is a scammer?

” When Alana came to meet my family, no one, not ever, not one time, believed that she was anything but the real deal.

Step 1: Copy and past the content of her email into a Google search and see if there are any hits.


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