Greenwich workshop dating system

On any view and regardless of the outcome it is a matter for regret that what had been an extremely good working relationship between the parties has deteriorated to such a level that the parties have been unable or unwilling to settle their differences and have instead expended such substantial amounts of time, money and, I am sure, stress and anxiety in the pursuit and defence of their respective claims.This is an application by the first defendant Balfour Beatty Engineering Services (HY) Limited, which I shall refer to as “Balfour Beatty”, to strike out the claim against it or obtain summary judgment on the claim in its favour on the ground that the claim stands no real prospect of success.The second set of proceedings, by which a court order was sought for the appointment of an arbitrator, has been resolved, subject to questions of costs.February 199 Knightsbridge is a large and very prestigious apartment block in London that was built a few years ago. At the relevant time the freehold owner of the building was the Claimant.Our results provide new insight into the stability of supply networks and markets well into the Colonial period as well as the homogenizing tendencies of the Aztec market system.► Portable X-ray fluorescence is a non-destructive means to source obsidian objects.



Concave surfaces did decrease the accuracy of readings because of the greater distance between the artifact and the detector.

► We study 800 years of obsidian use in Postclassic and Colonial central Mexico.

► Larger obsidian supply networks lasted well beyond the Spanish conquest.

That claim was unsuccessful but, nothing deterred, PFP decided to pursue its claim through legal proceedings and, in October 2012, issued these proceedings in this court.

The case was listed and came on for a 10 day trial in November 2013.Although there was insufficient time for a full hearing of the application on that occasion, I was satisfied on the basis of the submissions that I heard that I should grant interim relief until a further hearing could be arranged.


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