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mine apparently picked up on my reaction to Adrienne Barbeau being tied up on Fantasy Island! There's a reasonable copy of the Sleeping Voice at Cutscenes - link above.

I think a lot depends on how your fantasies play out... was indeed willing to try it and turned out to like it! It's one of my favourite scenes, very realistic looking.

I've never wanted to act out anything in real life.

My fantasies are too extreme, and anything that could really be done to another person doesn't do that much for me.

She does not know anything and in the process of the torture, goes unconscious a few times.

He tries cattle prodding her, then puts her up on the X-Frame and shocks her.

I've never discussed it with friends either - for all I know they could be major fans of my stories!



They were quite mild, and not the more extreme stuff that I like.

Instead, he uses her for sex, getting himself blown, then fucking her, then making her blow him again until he cums all over her.


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