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Fetishism: You may be invited to wear fetish clothing (as a fetish bottom) like corsets or boots.

There may be worship of gloves, boots and/or shoes worn by the Mistress. Tickle torture may be imposed for tickling sceneries.

My scene lengths and rates at the Pittsburgh Compound: A deposit towards a first session is required.

Tribute and/or deposit is made by CC, Debit card, cash (mailed USPS), MO (mailed USPS), a private online 3rd party billing processor of My choosing or Amazon Gift Card.

The Compound owns the rights to any material featuring Myself on or off premises. I do not "film clips", but I do own and operate a that is updated with samplings from various projects.

Requests for sessions to be filmed are an additional tribute (double). If any of this is a problem, please do not make inquiries about having your session filmed "on the large scale". "Real" surgical procedures (the Compound is not a hospital), direct sexual contact (ass, breast or pussy worship), forced bi, pies, and / or cuckolding, activities ending in the word "job" or "ingus", mentoring (no free time - sorry), unsupervised bondage "abandonment", insects or animals in scene, providing slaves for forced bi, fem subs or male dominants (The Compound is strictly a Classical Fem Dom studio), switch or submissive sessions, "GFE" (or escort), massage or modeling, trades or bartering, personal slavery, employment opportunities, extreme physical assaults that mimic domestic violence or abuse, substances are not provided such smoking, inhalants, drugs or alcohol, permanent damage including castration is not possible, wrestling, holds or chokes do not take place, FTT or BS of any variety is not offered, written contracts for sessions are not considered, and "dating" or "shopping" does not take place. I do not require gifts or tribute outside of the time you arrange with me at the studio.

If you have a condition that places you at high risk, I will consult with scene friendly medical professionals on your behalf before you visit so there will be no dangerous outcome.

Call between the hours of 10 am to noon giving at least 3 hours advance notice from the time your call is received or returned.


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    While there is certainly a possibility that you might end up meeting the love of your life, the website doesn’t endorse this as one of its specializations.

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    That's what I'd be calling myself , so it's not 'class' that keeps me chaste, it's fear of how I'd think about myself afterwards.

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    The app boasts millions of users from all across the world. There are a number of categories along the side rail, allowing you to select your video chat experience based on age, hair color, or speciality.

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