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The tax advantages depend on your individual circumstances, and the tax treatments of ISAs may change in the future.You will be able to change your residential address, email address and telephone numbers yourself.Accessing money within a Fixed Rate product Withdrawals are not allowed during the fixed term of a Fixed Rate product.To access the money you will need to close the product, which will incur a breakage charge.You can use a lump sum deposit to pay for the opening of multiple products by paying this into the Holding Account.You can then use the funds in the Holding Account across a number of products.Your savings will be placed here when products are closed, such as at the end of the term of a fixed rate product.

If you move funds into your nominated account, or close your ISA, your money will no longer benefit from the tax advantages of ISAs in the future.This could include Easy Access products, Fixed Rate products and the Holding Account.



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