Video chat without sighn up


Press the white menu button in the top left to access your username.Right now though, there is no way to add friends to a call by their username only (that is coming soon!" pop up to appear, and carefully press "Allow." You may have to wait 30-60 seconds for this pop up to appear.Send your friends this link: XQPgb.i, and make sure they have that Fam App installed.Also, triple check that you entered your phone number correctly. Currently, there is no Android or Mac/PC versions available for Fam.


If you do not receive a login code within 5 minutes of entering your phone number, do the following steps: delete the Fam app, reinstall, enter your phone number, request just one new code, then immediately email us at [email protected] your phone number and subject header "Login Code." We will send your code via email!

If that doesn't work, restart your phone (hold the lock and home screen button at same time until your screen turns off and then back on), and try again.


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